Coffee Varieties

After brewing our exquisite coffees in a French Press, you’ll see why we are so passionate about process. All our coffees are designed to be steeped at 190-degrees, for four minutes in a French press.

Zarco Blanco

Sourced from the hills of El Salvador, Zarco Blanco is a Bourbon (Boar-bahn) variety coffee bean, one of the prominent Arabica (Ar-ribbi-cah) bean varieties. It is renown for its smoothness since its first introduction in the 1700s. Cupping notes for this variety often note its distinctive nut brittle finish.

1 pound bag, beans $23.99

Kunjin Paradox

This exceptional bean is sourced from the elite growing fields of Papua New Guinea, in the Western Highlands of the Waghi (Wog-hee) Valley. It’s an Arusha (Ah-roo-sha) Blue Mountain San Ramon variety, and this rich bean offers cupping notes of chocolate, lime and mixed nuts.

1 pound bag, beans $29.99

Pura Vida

Sourced from Costa Rica, Pura Vida’s name means “The Good Life.” This is a complex brew, from the Coope Tarrazu (Coop Tar-razz-oo) Region. It’s a Catuai (Cat-oo-wee) and Caturra (Cah- tour-ah) variety, and its flavor starts off nutty, with a delicious, citrusy finish.

1 pound bag, beans $25.99

Can’t decide on which flavor to choose? We have the perfect antidote—our sampler box.

6 – 2oz sample bags, ground $19.99