The White Tie Coffee Story

Welcome to White Tie Coffee, a coffee company founded on the grand aristocratic tradition of French Pressing. We built our company around the idea that you deserve coffee worth lingering over.

Founded by a group of like-minded experienced travelers. As part of their travels, one of their true passions is experiencing the great culinary traditions of the world. Among those traditions, the French Press process elevates coffee beyond the ordinary. Our beans are sourced from the world’s best growers. They are chosen for their compatibility for the French Roast, grind and preparation.

The process of French pressing takes four solid minutes at 190 degrees, and it is worth the wait. Time well invested, it’s an antidote for the world’s go-go culture.

Global Flavors

We source our coffees from some of the finest coffee growing regions of the world. But we don’t stop there. We have relationships with each of our growers, to ensure that our exacting standards for growing and harvesting are met. This means when you order a bag of White Tie Coffee, you are getting only the best best beans the world has to offer, every time.